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A New Beginning

November 21, 2002

By Corinna Sager

Corinna SagerAt last – here it is — the first edition of our new online newsletter, FOCUS on New York Media.

This newsletter has been many months in the making. Over the summer I broached the subject to our board and asked for their feedback. I felt we could use an online newsletter, but if we did, it should be more than just those plain newsletters we’re all bombarded with every day. The board agreed and the development began. An editorial committee was set up consisting of Linda Lopez (MCA-I NY Communications Director and President of Tellmedia Communications – a PR Company), Maria Luskay (Spotlight Editor, and now also Focus Editor and Professor at Pace University), Emma Justice (Past President, now Sponsor Relations and President of Global Strategies) and me.

We had to address many issues. What format should be used: PDF, Text or an HTML news layout like CNN with links for continued stories? What subject matters should it cover? Could we afford it? What about layout and design? Could we find a developer who had experience with associations’ newsletters, who could guide us and who would grow with us? And lastly, what would become of “Spotlight”?

To answer the last question first: “Spotlight” will continue as an enhanced, more issue oriented publication. We will have a new version ready for you at the Holiday Party. As for all our online questions – Linda Lopez introduced us to Jon Gilbert of Videotex, who counts among his clients the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. He and his team develop websites, online newsletters and online market places. They agreed to work with us and you can see the results here today.

All of you know that MCA-I is a volunteer organization. Our goal as Board members is to provide you with opportunities throughout the year for professional development, networking, news about members, and trends in the industry. “Focus” should now become an additional part of the equation. This is only the first edition and there will be plenty of room for improvement. There always is. Just as with any production, we finally present to our clients – as we look at it, most of us still see things we could change. So it will be with “Focus”. We see it as a new beginning – a new place for our members and sponsors to present themselves, send in press releases, feature their latest products or special discounts. Most of the banner ad space is empty because as visual communicators we wanted everyone to first see for themselves the layout and possibilities. Anyone intested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Emma Justice either via email: or call her directly at (973) 233-1807. Additionally for the future we are planning to have Members’ Only Benefits such as Job Postings, a Market Place and an Online Directory.

We envision “Focus” to become a forum for sharing information with other members to enrich us all. But it can only be as good as the membership makes it. The more we hear from you, the more you contribute, the richer the rewards for readers and contributors alike. Information is knowledge and New York MCA-I members have a wealth of information. It’s in the sharing that we acquire knowledge and learn about the skills of others and ourselves.

“Focus’” objective is to present our members and sponsors with new opportunities: to get involved, get their names out and ‘get focused’ on our industry and our association. It has taken enormous time and effort on behalf of your editorial committee to bring this to you. Their dedication and professionalism is simply outstanding and it is a joy to work with them. Thank you all !

Corinna Sager
MCA-I New York Chapter

Corinna Sager is President of LIFESTYLE International Production Service, Inc.,, an international communications agency for events, trade shows, video and TV productions. She can be reached by phone: (973) 233-1773 or email

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