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But what minutes! Count them by sensation, and not by calendars, and each moment is a day. ~Benjamin Disraeli

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Welcome New Member: Barbara Rellstab

Nov 21, 2002 — BARBARA RELLSTAB, Actress/Singer (718) 384-5053 Barbara hails from Zurich, Switzerland. She has performed at the Zurich and Luzern State Theaters and was a full time cast member of the Heilbronn Repoitory State Theater in Germany. Her roles included Toinette in “The Imaginary Invalid”, Mirandolina in “Mirandolina” and Irene Molloy in “Hello Dolly”. . . . → Read More: Welcome New Member: Barbara Rellstab

A New Beginning

At last – here it is — the first edition of our new online newsletter, FOCUS on New York Media. This newsletter has been many months in the making. Over the summer I broached the subject to our board and asked for their feedback. I felt we could use an online newsletter, but if we did, it should be more than just those plain newsletters we’re all bombarded with every day. The board agreed and the development began. . . . → Read More: A New Beginning

The Sound of Music

Nov 18, 2002 — Emmy Award winning composers, musicians and music mavens were on hand October 16, at Full House Productions to give members tips about adding music and emotion to programs no matter the medium. VP of Programming Gary Kahn, welcomed guests and introduced the speakers including composer David Zee, also a NY-MCA-I member; composer Richard Reiter and a Senior Account Representative from Killer Tracks, Claude Levin, also known as music maven according to his business card! . . . → Read More: The Sound of Music

What Happened to Streaming?

Nov 14, 2002 — Why it is so difficult to find positive news about the streaming media industry? During the dot-com gold rush era, everyone spoke about streaming. In the good old days, Wall Street over-estimated and purchased streaming companies by millions of dollars. Today, most media producers will think twice before spending their capital on streaming related equipment or applications. What went wrong? . . . → Read More: What Happened to Streaming?

R & D for the Rest of Us

Nov 12, 2002 — Wisdom can come from the unlikeliest sources. A few years ago, when I was just starting my business and striving to execute every step flawlessly and under budget, a musician friend shared with me some advice that has since proved invaluable. He said creative people need to set aside time each week to think about what they do and how they might do it better. . . . → Read More: R & D for the Rest of Us