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But what minutes! Count them by sensation, and not by calendars, and each moment is a day. ~Benjamin Disraeli

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Making Change: A Conversation with Dr. Maria Compte

Jul 23, 2006 — Some of MCA-I NY’s film festival supporters have careers that routinely bring them up close and personal with issues most of us only see on film or read in the news. Maria Emilia Compte, MD, MPH&TM, the vice-president for programs at Intermed International, talked with me about her work on behalf of communities in the developing world. . . . → Read More: Making Change: A Conversation with Dr. Maria Compte

Georgia on Our Minds

Jul 14, 2006 — A recurring memory from a recent trip that Kay and I took to the Republic of Georgia is of a large pig running freely alongside our bus as it slowly edged around the large, linked potholes that make up many of Georgia‚Äôs secondary roads. . . . → Read More: Georgia on Our Minds

Film, Tapes and Airport Security

Mar 27, 2003 — Should You Let Airport Security Scan Your Magnetic Tapes and Disks? The risk of a lost bag is far greater than the risk of data corruption from electronic scanning. If you’ve traveled by air, you’ve probably worried about whether your precious magnetic recordings, be they tape or disk, will survive inspection by airport security. . . . → Read More: Film, Tapes and Airport Security