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Connections and Friends

April 7, 2003l

By Dr. Maria Luskay

Where would I be without my friends from MCA-I?

They helped the Connections in Communications event at Pace University turn out to be a great success. Students were educated and informed by dedicated professionals willing to schlep to Pleasantville, New York to talk to students about what they can expect when they graduate.

A special thanks needs to go out to Corinna Sager, Emma Justice, Jon Blankely, Dave Driscoll, and Walter Graff. They, along with Pace students and successful alumni contributed to the great turn-out and educational experience.

One important point of the evening was made by Ms. Sager. She explained the importance of belonging to an organization in your industry that allows you to network and keep current on the latest trends. The example she gave the crowd was rather appropriate for this article, as well. She spoke of the networking that got the FOCUS editorial divas together and how we would have never known each other if it had not been for MCA-I. And, the education we all received in putting togther an on-line news journal.

Where would I be without my friends, especially my editorial diva partners, Corinna and Linda Lopez?

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