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George Cauttero Receives MCA-I Board of Directors Award

March 27, 2003

Longtime New York MCA-I member George Cauttero received the MCA-I Board of Directors Award at the

Emma and George

George Cauttero, a past president of the NY chapter, accepts the MCA-I Board of Directors Award from international president-elect and former NY chapter president Emma Justice.

Forum of President’s meeting in St. Louis, MO. Following is an excerpt from the speech by Emma Justice (our immediate Past President and International President-Elect), who presented the Award. Congratulations to George for such a high honor. You deserve it!

“George Cauttero is a stalwart of the NY Chapter and to our International Association. He has served as President of New York four times and with the help of his wife was our Treasurer – I did some research on this and I guess she keeps the books in the family.

George has served as a Regional Vice President and is one of the Editors of our Member2Member newsletter, which he, Phil Stella and others took up when our national newsletter stopped. As Marc Steve, Carol Nadell and Jon Blankley, former Chapter Presidents and Board Members, said: “What characterizes George is his dedication to the organization and his friendly face with which he welcomes new members.”

To the world George is a professional director, producer and writer. To us he is a comedian, a father, a leader and a gentleman who truly cares about this organization. So it is with great pride and reverence that I present you with the Board of Directors Award.”

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