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But what minutes! Count them by sensation, and not by calendars, and each moment is a day. ~Benjamin Disraeli

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Holiday Party Brings Joy to All

February 3, 2003

Our December holiday party at Marlowe Restaurant drew a great crowd of old and new faces. Lee Spinelli, Board member and party planner had arranged everything beautifully. We had the place all to ourselves, bar included, so the thirsty ones hung around the bar, the hungry ones in the dining room at the delicious dinner buffet.

Corinna Sager, NY President, thanked all her board members for their extraordinary dedication to MCAI and gratefully acknowledged the work of Linda Lopez and Dr. Maria Luskay for their help in implementing our new online newsletter FOCUS on New York Media.

To cap the joyful spirit, Donna Coney Island performed a funny poem that had a surprisingly reflective ending and new member Barbara Rellstab turned from funky secretary to sexy beauty in the City of Angels song “You Can Always Count On Me”. David Sauberman, a friend of Eric Farber, delivered the music of the night.

As they prepared to head back out into the cold and starry night, members and non-members left with a warm feeling of friendship and comradery. As Karen Altfest, of L.J. Altfest & Co. (financial and investment advisors who were voted Inc. magazine’s Top 100 in their industry) said: “You really have a great group of people here. They are so diverse and so interesting.”

Indeed we are – that’s what makes MCA-I so unique.

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