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Living In Unsettled Times

April 7, 2003

By Corinna Sager

Our troops have taken Baghdad, the British have taken Basra, SARS is a new word in our vocabulary, Orange Alert is still on, the stock market is going up and budget woes weigh us down. One thing is for sure – we’re living in unsettled times.

What seemed on September 11, 2001 to be an isolated attack on the world’s superpower has now turned into worldwide upheaval, unrest and uncertainty. Here in New York we’re getting used to seeing National Guard in the subway and entrances to bridges and tunnels. American companies with operations overseas are feeling the heat of foreign anger. Yet Crain’s New York reports that Broadway sales are up, real estate deals continue and advertisers return to the air. Where does that leave us? Square in the middle.

Many members report that times are very tough. Yet others say they’ve been very busy. As usual, it’s what you have to offer and who wants it, that makes the difference.

I believe that one of the keys to survival in tough times is knowledge. It gives people the opportunity to increase their services and provide added value to a client. There will always be a need for communications. The only difference is HOW to communicate. The more you know, the more you can offer – and in turn hopefully retain the account or get a new one. Clients today want people who can offer them a turnkey solution. It saves them time and energy and it gives us the chance to show our stuff.

As the famous German poet Goethe once wrote: “It is not enough to know, one has to use that knowledge. It is not enough to want, one has to want to do it.”

MCA-I offers the opportunities to acquire knowledge. We have monthly seminars and our newsletters “Spotlight” and “FOCUS” are filled with valuable information to further your education. But whether you come to events or read the stories and want to learn is your choice. “One has to want it”.

Corinna Sager can be reached at (973) 233-1773 or via email at

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