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MCA-I NY: A Great Beginning for Students and Interns

March 14, 2004

STUDENTS: learn more about your chosen industry!

INTERNS: practice your production skills in the real world!

TEACHERS: enrich your curricula with exciting media seminars and presentations by our professional members!

MCA-I NY strives to give aspiring media students from the Greater New York Area a jump start in their chosen fields by providing opportunities for them to:

  • meet and interact with established media professionals;
  • learn about their industry and the latest technologies;
  • practice marketing their skills;
  • gain real work experience.

MCA-I is a great organization for students who are ready to move beyond the classroom and get their feet wet in the real world!

We invite students and their instructors to take advantage of our special membership rates: local student membership is $35.00 a year; student admission to our bi-monthly seminars is $5.00; individual professional and academic memberships are $75 a year or $135 for two years.

Typically, MCA-I NY holds seven seminars a year and three social events: the Season Kick-off in September, the Holiday party in December, and the Wrap Party in June. Seminars are usually held in Manhattan on the third Wednesday of each month, and are hosted by member organizations in their corporate offices, production houses, or studios. Non-members are welcome to attend-although members enjoy preferred admission rates and other benefits.

MCA-I NY events are lively and informative, and there is always time for networking and refreshments beforehand. Participants may hear a presentation by an industry leader, soak up wisdom from a panel of experts, watch a demonstration of the latest “black box,” or participate in an interactive workshop. The evening generally ends with a tour of the host facility.

Recent seminar topics have included techniques in electronic cinematography, Wi-Fi, producing streaming media, interactive media tools, international production, copyright in the digital age, high definition production, and PR for media professionals.

Contact our Students & Interns committee chair, Ken Browne, at for more information.

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