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Uvision Media Announces Formation of Uvault

July 16, 2003

Utilizes Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX to Develop Web Collaboration Tool


Forest Hills, NY – April 28, 2003 – Uvision Media, LLC has announced the formation of Uvault, an entityUvision logo dedicated to providing hosting services and custom development for applications using Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX. By catering to the growing global community of Macromedia Flash developers, Uvault offers both scalable dedicated and/or shared hosting plans that are tailored to support individual developers and large enterprises who are seeking widespread deployment.

Additionally, Uvision Media worked with Macromedia to develop its own Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX reporting tool, branded as the “Uvault Host Analyzer” to help users manage and closely monitor bandwidth and traffic levels on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It is one of the first of its kind that is offered worldwide to developers and ISP partners. All reports are viewed online broken down by bit rate, data transferred, and individual application usage by hourly or daily performance, as well as via a “syndicated profile” that enables clients to individually list each of their customers with the associated bandwidth.

“Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX provides the best possible interactive rich media experiences on the Internet by seamlessly integrating audio and video applications directly into your website,” said Chris Hock, director of product marketing, Macromedia. “We are pleased that Uvault has taken the initiative in developing this viable tool, and we look forward to developers around the world realizing the benefits.”

“This vehicle will provide a means for Macromedia Flash Communication Server customers and ISPs to monitor their traffic patterns on an ongoing basis,” said Eyal Menin, COO of Uvision Media. “Keeping within certain budget restraints is imperative in today’s environment and Uvault Host Analyzer will help customers do that.”

Launched as a separate division of Uvision Media, Uvault provides development and strategic assistance and backend support in helping companies publish their interactive applications on their corporate intranet or public Internet sites. Additionally, the company thrives on creating cutting edge rich media applications combining video or audio elements, as well as text, images, embedded chat, e-forms and data submission—all designed and viewed by one platform—Macromedia Flash Player.

For more information about Uvault’s product offerings, visit or email

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