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Yapp Around Town

March 26, 2003

By Lisa Yapp

At The Movies:

CRADLE 2 THE GRAVE: Andrezej Barkowiak who directed “Romeo Must Die” pits two martial artists, Jet Li and Mark Dacascos, in this battle of the bad people vs. the worse ones. Jet Li’s English is getting as good as rapper DMX’s acting -seriously! But, it’s all about the fights and though this one pulls plenty of punches not many connect. Nothing you haven’t seen B-4! SKIP IT!

DAREDEVIL: Just about what you would expect from a blind superhero! Daredevil is a weird hybrid between Batman and Spiderman with none of the charisma of either. Ben Affleck adds nothing to anything. Jennifer Garner looks too much like Melissa Rivers (had she had a better surgeon) to be taken seriously. SKIP THIS or let the kids see it without you.

City of God

City of God

CITY OF GOD: Live by the gun, die by the gun but where’s the fun in-between? These Brazilian slum dwellers don’teven have time for sex! But, give a three year old a handgun and they’re in ecstasy! This stylishly shot and very brilliantly edited story intertwines many lives with clever, humorous narration and unique characters. If you like your violence to hit right in your face (Scarface)…then I am sure you won’t be able to turn away. RECOMMENDED for sophisticated audiences only!

TALK TO HER: Two women in a coma and the brain dead men who love them. What a premise! Talk to me! This movie isn’t romantic or a comedy. Director Pedro Almodovar frames his shots straight out of Film 101. Somebody talk to him! SKIP THIS unless you “talk to each other” all thru it.

ZUS & ZO: – The Academy Award nominee for Best Foreign Language Film from the Netherlands. Three eccentric sisters share everything – even their husbands in this lighthearted sex comedy. The sisters plot to save their childhood vacation home by ruining the marriage of their gay brother to a woman! Lots of laughs! (Now, that’s a sound I haven’t heard much in the theatre lately) RECOMMENDED for boys and girls who just want to have fun while reading subtitles.

LOST IN LA MANCHA: It takes luck and good planning to direct a movie. Director Terry Gilliam has neither. This is a documentary about the making of his short-lived movie “The Man who Killed Don Quixote”. Somehow Gilliam doesn’t come off like a complete idiot – more like a sulking child whose best friend went home with his ball. RECOMMENDED for anyone interested in filmmaking.

ANTWONE FISHER: Poor Twoney! This love starved angry Navy seaman confuses psychiatric help for love then soaks it up like a sponge. But that can’t float lots of scenes that sink for lack of dialogue or bad acting. Makes you thinkDenzel could do better as a Director. Warning: This film contains many issues requiring lots of tissues. SORTA RECOMMENDED if you’re bringing Mom.

The Pianist

The Pianist

THE PIANIST: Yes, it’s depressing and you know how the story ends…but see it anyway. An absolutely brilliant true-life story of a Jewish pianist’s long road to survival in Nazi occupied Poland. Director Roman Polanski lived his own version of these events and hits all the right notes. Beautifully shot, scripted and acted – A powerful picture – No wonder Director and Leading Man won Oscars. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

25th Hour: Could this Spike Lee Joint have clouded his judgment? Cause this is the worst film he’s ever made! It’s about a guy’s last day before he goes to prison. But, who cares? Are you going to prison? Look, there’s no tragedy like very little tragedy. Besides, I’ve learned more from watching “OZ”. Nice work from actors Barry Pepper and Anna Paquin. SKIP THIS unless you are trying to scare yourself straight.

On Video:

Dinner Rush

Dinner Rush

DINNER RUSH: This is the best little movie I had never heard about! It shows the restaurant business so accurately that it almost feels like a documentary! The main course is a murder that you might not see coming. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED -Rent it.

THE GOOD GIRL: Jennifer Aniston plays a woman whose life is trapped in low class hell. A quirky story about how some people can bring out the worst in you. Despite the hype, this isn’t a comedy, or a tragedy. It’s just weird – but not painfully so. RENT IT with low expectations and you might be pleasantly surprised.

THE BANGER SISTERS: No big bang here but you might recognize yourself in wild child, Suzette (Goldie Hawn) or her uptight, uptown friend, Lavinia, (Susan Sarandon). Shot like a made-for-TV movie. RENT it for cute mindless fun!

THE BOURNE IDENTITY: Matt Damon and Franka Potente (RUN LOLA RUN) team up in this thriller about a government-trained killer with an identity crisis. Together they “run quickly run” throughout Europe escaping death at very turn. Lots of bad guys make for some good action – RENT IT.

TADPOLE: Okay I admit it…I am an uptight prude. If my best friend slept with my 15-year-old son ….I wouldn’t be cool enough to laugh about it with her over dinner at Café Boulud. It gave me indigestion! SKIP IT!

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