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35th Annual Awards in Media Excellence

March 26, 2003

Media Communications Association-International Announces the


A celebration of excellence in media communication and international recognition for exemplary achievements

Year 2003

The face of our industry has changed, our organizational names may have changed, but one thing remains constant — Recognition of those whose collaborative talents are pushing this medium to its maximum effectiveness. That is AiME.

The Awards

The AiME award celebrates excellence in media communications. The name stands for creativity as well as advancement in technical application, as these two fields unite to create award-winning, high-impact projects. All entries in all categories are reviewed by a panel who recommends advancement of a portion of those entries to a Blue Ribbon Panel. That panel confers outstanding projects the AiMEs of Gold, Silver and Bronze in all categories. For 35 years, AiME honors have been highly coveted and recognized internationally for their prestige.

The Blue Ribbon Panel

Each entry is reviewed by a team of professional communicators with a minimum of 10 years of media production experience. The Blue Ribbon Panel is composed of members who have served on recognition panels, have won awards in the past and hosted these activities. Entries are evaluated on effective use of the medium, creativity, production values and technical quality in three areas: Message Design (48%) Creative Elements (32%) Production Elements (20%).

Entry Form

For complete information about the categories, rules, submission process, and the Entry Form, go to, download the Acrobat PDF, print it, fill in the form, and mail it to the address below.

Entry Deadline is coming up fast: April 15, 2003.

For any questions or additional information, please contact: Ernie Stewart at or 314-514-9995. AiME 35th Annual Festival Media Communications Association-International 1000 Executive Parkway #220 St. Louis, MO 63141

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