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January Meeting Gets Down to Business

February 5, 2003

Efficiency and ROI Are Chief Concerns for Media Companies

By Linda Lopez

Feb 5, 2003

Q. How can I operate more efficiently and get a greater return on my investment?

A. Automate, outsource, migrate your business to the Web!

On one of the rare temperate evenings of recent weeks, MCA-I NY members and guests turned out for a videoconferenced presentation by three digital voice and data experts – Speakspace, OpenAir, and IS2 Systems/eTelos – each of whose products and services are designed to help companies to operate and manage their businesses online.

Members gather for seminarThe event, Migrate Your Business to the Web, was hosted by earth2mars, and produced and moderated by MCA-I NY board member and security expert, Gil Zimmerman, whose company, Erhart Sawyer International, makes regular use of the technologies that were demonstrated. Justin Bolger, an earth2mars editor, worked closely with Zimmerman to provide the necessary conferencing hardware and connectivity.

The entire presentation was conducted online with audience questions fielded via audio conferencing. The presenters used company prototypes complete with case histories and financial data to demonstrate their products.

All three, mindful of the fast-paced industry they serve, say they can guarantee subscribers quick implementation, ease of use, and strong technical support for every product.

At the end of this article, you will find a synopsis with contact information for each company. We urge you to log on to their Web sites and/or give them a call to learn more about what they can do for your business.

The Schmoozing Was Excellent

MCA-I NY president Corinna Sager was on hand to welcome the guests, and past president Emma Justice saw to it that all present were well fed. Shutterbug and membership co-chair Julia Bengis documented the evening. Visit the FOCUS photo gallery to see her shots.

Nadja Grabmueller, an intern with Tellmedia Communications, who hails from Austria (and, sadly, will return at the end of February), interviewed some of the guests:

Adam N. Compagnone, an account supervisor at CMR, an advertising and marketing information company, said this was his first MCA-I event, although he had been a student member while in college. Asked to share some marketing insights on the communications industry, he cited a CMR forecast recently quoted in the online edition of Electronic Media, that “Overall ad spending will rise 3.3 percent in 2003, up to $117.5 billion…” Good news, if it happens, for all the production people who will stand to get work, as a result.

Members mixingProducer/director Matt Clarke echoed a commonly-shared sentiment when he said “I’m glad last year is over”. An MCA-I member for fifteen years, he attended the presentation because he’s designing a Web site for his business. Clarke’s outlook took a turn for the better when he won the door prize, a three-month trial subscription to IS2 Systems/eTelos’s automated marketing system.

Mark Segall, recently certified as an Avid editor, is scouting for work in his new field. He found MCA-I over the Internet. When asked what he thought of his first MCA-I event, he responded that he liked the friendly atmosphere, and assured us we would see more of him in the future.

It was an enjoyable and informative evening, and we thank everyone — presenters, volunteers, and guests — who helped to make it happen!

Coming Up Next

On Wednesday, February 19, find out How Did They Do That?, which promises to be Reel Night with a twist. Directors, screen writers, producers, and special effects experts will show film clips and share insights into how they got that shot. Come and learn about the tricks of the trade!

* * *

The Presenters

Speakspace, Inc.
28901 Clemens Road, Suite 101
Westlake, OH 44145
(866) 257-1425 Phone
(440) 899-2153 Fax Presentation by: Tom Behan, owner

Product/Service: Voice and data conference provider

Provides: An economical, easy-to-use alternative to distance travel. On-demand meetings w/no reservations necessary; 24/7 fully-attended service; Web-based scheduling through their meeting manager software; conference recording; co-branding available. Data conferencing allows users to share documents and perform white-boarding activities.

Requires: Telephone, browser

OpenAir, Inc.
80 Lincoln Street
Boston, MA 02111
(617) 351-0230 Phone
(617) 350-3496 Fax
www.openair.comPresentation by: Randy Foster, director, Sales; Jeff Hunt, vice-president, Sales

Product/Service: Professional services automation (PSA). Web-based project management software contains ancillary elements for business development and financial tracking tools.

Provides: 128 bit SSL security; fast-loading pages. LINUX compatible. Integrates with financial management programs like QuickBooks and PeachTree.

Enables deal tracking and rating; staff management; custom billing via HTML, PDF, or hard copy; project monitoring. MS Outlook, Palm and Pocket PC interface.

Co-branding available.

Requires: Browser, software

Note: Free upcoming Webinar, “Professional Services Automation: A Key to Improving Management Controls and Operations” at 12 noon on Wednesday, February 19, 2003. Go to to register.

IS2 Systems / eTelos
2406 Alki Avenue SW
Seattle, WA 98116
(425) 458-4349 Phone
(425) 468-9394 Fax (under construction)

Presented by: Gary Ernst, founder

Contact: Gil Zimmerman
(646) 872-5893

Product/Service: Online CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Provides: Automates the sending and tracking of client/prospect email correspondence. Enables advance scheduling, mailing customization, co-branding, personalization. Online content manager allows subscribers to administer CRM tools menu, which can include a newsletter, marketing surveys, email campaigns, meeting agendas, and referral requests. Subscriber’s contact
database, correspondences, and tracking reports are stored and maintained online.

Requires: Browser

* * *

Linda Lopez is president of Tellmedia Communications, Inc., a full-service public relations company serving small businesses, non-profits, and trade associations. Her Web sites and The Online Daybook at help companies and their constituencies share and access business information 24 hours a day. Phone 212.663.8412 – Email

* * *

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