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NATIONAL: Message from Dr. Alan Richardson: New Health Insurance Available

November 29, 2005

By Dr. Alan Richardson

Dr. Alan RichardsonFellow MCA-I Members:

I am truly excited to be sending this announcement of our long-awaited limited medical health insurance plan for our U.S. members. Most of you know that we thought we had a plan in place very early this year, only to see the insurance company pull out when they weren’t able to secure underwriting. By contrast, we now have a fully insured limited health and medical plan.

The great news is you can sign up today. To outline, the plan provides several options:

  • Limited Medical Plan – $129.95 to $369.95/month.
  • Insurance benefits to include hospitalization, doctor’s visits, ICU, surgical benefits, emergency room and more.
  • Medical Discount Programs to include network discounts for physicians and hospital, 4-tier prescription program, dental, vision, chiropractic, hearing, alternative medicine and more.
  • Service Programs include patient advocacy, 24-hour Nurseline, 24-7 mental health counseling, emergency medical transportation, and electronic medical information storage.
  • Prescription Plan – $19.95-$29.95/month. 4-Tier Prescription Program allows members to select prescriptions from a preferred drug list and pay a fixed fee of $10, $20, & $40 or less for the scheduled quantity and dose. Most non-preferred drugs are available at a discounted rate up to 40% off retail, with an average of 16% off for brand-name medications. Mail order services are also available for maintenance medications at a substantial savings.
  • Dental Plan – $ 9.95/month. Save up to 65% off the usual charges of dental care.

I haven’t tried to go into all the details, but obviously there are various options available to you now. To learn more, call 1-800-265-2876 ext. 6.

The officers and board of MCA-I are pleased to present this plan. It’s just one more example of our continuing efforts to provide you the most for your membership dues.

Dr. Al Richardson
Immediate Past President

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