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Voiceover Narration Talent Announces

November 27, 2005

Gary Kahn
(917) 492-2691


Voiceover Narration Talent Announces
Says Websites for V/O’s Are Essential to Remain Competitive

New York, NY — Gary Kahn, voiceover/narration talent, is pleased to announce the launch of his new website, The website includes downloadable demos, credits, a biography, and contact information.

Kahn has been doing voiceovers for over four years. A trial lawyer for 10 years, he loved story telling so much he stopped practicing law to pursue this new career on a full-time basis. He voices commercials for a variety of services and products, promos for television shows, narrations for documentaries and medical projects, and serves as a corporate spokesperson.

Says Kahn, “When I talk to industry insiders or look for work, one of the first questions asked is: do you have a website? A website allows voiceover talent to place demos or voice clips online so agents, producers, and casting directors will be able to access and evaluate my abilities and talent immediately. Sending CD’s and tapes are becoming a thing of the past in this virtual world.”

Kahn has voiced commercials for a number of large corporations, including AT&T, The Wall Street Journal, and Alitalia Airlines. He has done corporate work for Dun & Bradstreet, Prentice Hall, and Bedford/St. Martin’s. He can also be heard in documentaries on topics ranging from world hunger to surrealistic film and the music industry.  His medical narrations include projects about atherosclerosis, prostate cancer, and diabetes.

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