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New Web Site Enhancement for MCAINY.ORG

November 26, 2005

By Linda Lopez

MCA-I and ProductionHUB Partner to Provide New Industry Resource Feed for Media Professionals

In an ongoing effort to provide relevant news and information to its members, MCA-I NY has joined its National organization in adding a dynamic new feature to its Web site. The chapter’s main site at now offers a custom-branded feed that provides visitors with four separate streams of continuously updated information about jobs,equipment for sale, and industry news and events.

The feed is provided by ProductionHUB and is the latest of several recent collaborations between MCA-I and that organization. ProductionHUB, Inc. is the leading online resource and industry directory for film, television, video and digital media production. Developed as a tool for locating production goods, services, and human resources, ProductionHUB has become the industry’s number one production search engine. Over 100,000 monthly users rely on it to deliver up-to-date information related to the production industry.

The ProductionHUB feed gives MCA-I and its participating chapters an efficient and cost-effective system for informing their Web site users about job opportunities, products and services, upcoming events, industry news, and information. For users it means a more productive online experience with unprecedented access to all things production. Follow the links below to view sections of the New York chapter’s up-to-the-minute database:

  • Industry Jobs, an invaluable resource for employers and job seekers, lists casting notices, and job openings from employers around the world.
  • Used Equipment enables users to post and access production equipment, from tapes and accessories to editing software and mobile production systems, and to provide a photo of the product for sale.
  • Events lists over 1900 production-related events from all over the world, and enables users to search for and post events locally or internationally.
  • NewsStand offers up-to-date news from 30+ of the industry’s top publications, like Film and Video, Filmmaker Magazine, Millimeter, Post, Videography and Video Systems. Through the NewsStand, visitors can read up-to-date headlines, view complete articles, and even subscribe to each publication by clicking the links provided.

MEMBERS: Make it easy to check the MCA-I NY Industry Resources feed daily by placing a shortcut to on your desktop!

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