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Web Conferencing for Business Communications: The WebEx Meeting Center

March 31, 2003

WebEx is a company that facilitates web conferencing. They presented their services at our March meeting “Gizmos, Gadgets and Wi-fi” which dealt with the newest tools of communicating with clients. For those of you who missed the meeting, here’s a brief desciption of their services:

3D car video shotThe WebEx Meeting Center offers meeting capabilities straight from the desktop, which is often the most efficient, most economical, most productive place to hold a meeting. It’s secure, reliable and economical and can accomplish almost anything one neeeds.

Holding an online meeting with WebEx Meeting Center is easy. Distance is no problem. People can join in from anywhere in the world. They simply push an on-screen button and the meeting starts. The WebEx Meeting Center integrates data, voice, and video within a standard web browser allowing for real-time meetings over the Internet from virtually any desktop, laptop or wireless handheld device. Apart from the flexibility it offers, the service also provides considerable savings.

All the tools needed to share documents or opinions are right at hand. And because WebEx Meeting Center is a fully-hosted solution, initiating online meetings requires zero IT involvement and very low start-up costs.

People can use the WebEx meeting to do basically everything that is done in a regular meeting:
* Give a presentation
* Collaborate
* Demonstrate software
* View, annotate, or edit documents
* Share applications or an entire desktop
* Use remote control on an application or a computer
* Conduct a Web tour
* Integrate teleconferencing
* Video conferencing

Holding an online meeting with WebEx Meeting Center is actually quite easy. The good news is: Most everyone already has everything he or she needs to hold a successful online meeting – a browser and a telephone.

The WebEx Meeting Center can slash training costs, or increase sales without adding sales personnel. It is also a good way to make workgroups work better and keep in closer touch with clients without traveling so much.

The WebEx Meeting Center is equipped to handle quite a few things. It supports almost every platform and every application. People can choose from complete communication options including Chat, Internet Phone, PSTN Teleconferencing and Video. And WebEx Meeting Center is powered by the high-performance, fully redundant WebEx Interactive Network – a proprietary global communications network unequalled for security, reliability and functionality.

For more information about WebEx Meeting Center and to discover if you qualify for a FREE hosted meeting, contact us by phone at 1-877-50-WEBEX. Read more about WebEx in Forbes Magazine.

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