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Wi-fi, The New Way To Connect: T-Mobile International Hotspot Service

March 29, 2003

By Frank Ramirez

At our March meeting “Gizmos, Gadgets and Wifi”, international wireless telecommunications company T-Mobile T-mobile screenshotpresented an overview of its market leading efforts to provide true broadband wireless connectivity via T-Mobile HotSpot service in 804 American cities as well as major national and international airports and premium business destinations like London and Munich. In the United States the T-Mobile HotSpot Service is located in Starbucks Café’s, Borders bookshops, major airports hubs, and in American, Delta and United airport lounges.

T-Mobile is a US based transatlantic company with an international data and voice network that provides a voice and data communications link between the U.S. and Europe to the benefit of any business with a global clientele. The T-Mobile Hotspot broadband service complements its T-Mobile international wireless voice and data service, enabling mobile professionals to access the Internet at broadband speeds and make voice calls in over 100 countries with their mobile phone.

“Were continuing to execute our T-Mobile’s ‘Get More Promise’ to our customers” stated T-Mobile representative Frank Ramirez. “By integrating our HotSpot, 2.5G data, and voice services today, T-Mobile provides a comprehensive solution for mobile professionals that enables both personal mobility and office portability”.

T-Mobiles Hotspot Service uses Wi-Fi, referred to by information technology professionals as the 802.11B networking standard, to provide mobile individuals network access speeds that are 40 to 50 times faster what they can experience through traditional wide area networks. The result is that professionals who use email files with attachments, or files with multimedia or digital images, can use the network to quickly access their data and respond to customers needs quickly and efficiently while away from the office.

The service has proved very popular with data hungry graphic designers, media professionals in advertising and marketing, real estate agents, lawyers, and mobile sales people that give presentations. T-Mobile has also made it easy to trial the service for customers with Wi-Fi cards for their laptops or handheld devices with a free day pass in Starbucks. If interested in discovering more about T-Mobile HotSpot Service visit To learn about its WorldClass international voice and data services visit .

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