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But what minutes! Count them by sensation, and not by calendars, and each moment is a day. ~Benjamin Disraeli

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Connectivity Options for the Mobile Professional

Mar 26, 2003 — The connection choices available for media professionals boil down to two: Always connected, but slow and expensive, or spotty coverage, but cheap and fast. The former is wireless Wide Area Networking (WAN), offered by the major cell carriers. The latter is Wi-Fi, provided by a mix of entities. . . . → Read More: Connectivity Options for the Mobile Professional

January Meeting Gets Down to Business

Feb 5, 2003 — On one of the rare temperate evenings of recent weeks, MCA-I NY members and guests turned out for a videoconferenced presentation by three digital voice and data experts – Speakspace, OpenAir, and IS2 Systems/eTelos – each of whose products and services are designed to help companies to operate and manage their businesses online. . . . → Read More: January Meeting Gets Down to Business

Augmented Reality: Expanding the Boundaries of Experience

Feb 3, 2003 — I think most communication professionals love what they do because they are storytellers and can share those stories with others. For the most part, storytelling is still a linear experience. Television has brought video into our homes, so millions more are witness to history. It has stirred emotions in ways that print never could. And some day in the not too distant future, we may all be able to jump into a story or experience a historical event for ourselves. . . . → Read More: Augmented Reality: Expanding the Boundaries of Experience

Digital HD – Today’s Vicarious Presence

Jan 31, 2003 — It’s amazing to see how far photography has come in less than 200 years. It is even more amazing to realize the change in our perception of it. A recent exhibit at the International Center of Photography featured the works of photography pioneer, William Henry Fox Talbot. Talbot, the brilliant innovator of the negative process and paper prints, used his camera to give viewers a glimpse of the world around him. . . . → Read More: Digital HD – Today’s Vicarious Presence

What Happened to Streaming?

Nov 14, 2002 — Why it is so difficult to find positive news about the streaming media industry? During the dot-com gold rush era, everyone spoke about streaming. In the good old days, Wall Street over-estimated and purchased streaming companies by millions of dollars. Today, most media producers will think twice before spending their capital on streaming related equipment or applications. What went wrong? . . . → Read More: What Happened to Streaming?